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Vegetarian Lečo – Lecsó – Letcho with Toast

…or a vegetable stew that I present as Slovak, but, please, don’t quote me on that, as the dish originated in Hungary, yet it made its way to Czech, Slovak, Polish, Austrian as well as other cuisines. Lečo is a typical food for home bottling, so when cold winter days come, you just bring a jar from your storeroom, heat it up (add some more ingredients to suit your taste) and munch, either with bread or potatoes.  My vegetarian, in fact, vegan variant with toast looks like this:



300 g bell peppers (different colours), hot and sweet

500 g tomatoes

Got some cauliflower, broccoli, aubergine? Any vegetable can actually go in lečo.

2 onions



Fresh parsley

(Olive) oil



(Hot paprika)




Olive oil


Fresh parsley

1. First cut all the vegetables. Remove the pepper seeds and you might also want to peel the tomatoes first, as the peels tend to shrink over the course of cooking and later swim in the stew in form of warpy creatures. How to go about peeling the tomatoes: make sure you pour boiling water over them; it makes the peeling way easier.

2. Fry the cut onion/leek and a little later garlic in a pot with (olive) oil. When they are softer, add the sliced peppers and stew them for a while. Then throw the tomatoes in and stew more, until they change into tomato juice.

3. Add salt, pepper and more hot paprika, if you prefer spicy food. Decorate with the green part of leek and parsley.



4. Take a smaller saucepan, put crushed garlic and freshly cut parsley in hot olive oil. Fry for a short while and season with black pepper. Put the mixture on the slices of toasted bread and serve with lečo.



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