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Vege-what? for the Utterly Confused

If you have ever had a feeling that all this vegetarian world is rather a jungle to you, now it is time to put an eye on all the different species, but without a magnifying glass, as this entry is intended for the utterly confused, which we all at some point of our lives are, so there is no reason to be ashamed of it. Changing it is another matter, and that is what this blog post aims at.

Right, those who eat herbs, grass or what the hell do they/we eat? This crowd is, however, very diverse and as much as you have different types of meat-eaters (some prefer only white meat, some hate smoked products etc.), the same applies to vegetarians; they are as “picky” as the meat-eating folk.


First, we are going to stop at vegetarians, the people who refuse to eat meat, i.e. muscles and all that jazz, but not all the products of animal origin.


To decipher the riddle, we need to go back to where it all began. An egg. (or was it a chicken?))

You might have now understood that those are veggies whose diet includes eggs, but not dairy products. On the contrary,


are the people who would for sure relish on the slimy film on top of warm liquid known as milk, yet the yolk in fried eggs would make them quiver with repulsion.

An egg - The object that lacto-vegetarians would not eat

And, careful, it goes even more complicated: there are also ovo-lacto-vegetarians!!! and I believe there is no need to explain the meaning.


Now, a more “scarce” crowd are vegans who refuse to consume (in a broader sense) any products of animal origin, which means their diet is naturally meat- plus egg-, milk- or honey-free. Vegans also principally reject wearing fur, leather, wool or silk clothes due to their belief that people don’t have right to take what is not theirs.

Now, you may be asking yourselves if these people have gone insane, but it is a matter of choice not to support certain eating, wearing habits and respective industries. Analogically, non-smokers don’t buy cigarettes or ashtrays, rolling papers or filters.

Vegan shoes - no leather used

Raw vegans

Raw vegans are vegans that don’t cook. Well, they do prepare food, but they try to treat it with no or lower temperature (not exceeding 48 C/118 F), as they think that heat destroys most of the natural micro-nutrients.


If a vegan seemed insane to you, what about a raw vegan or a fruitarian, somebody who prefers fruit, nuts and seeds, but not vegetables and grains.


Pescatarians and vaguetarians

Finally, to put the record straight, I would like to spend few words about pescatarians and vaguetarians.

Pescatarians are people whose diet include that of vegetarians, yet they wouldn’t say no to fish.

The definition of vaguetarians is superbly given in the Urban dictionary: “Someone who professes to be a non meat eater and fesses up to gobbling (no pun) turkey or chicken etc. Also very keen on fish …..and pork is ok.”

These two categories are NOT considered vegetarians.

Bitter Melon with Vegetarian Chicken and Oyster Mushroom by taekwondoweirdo@flickr.com

So, that is it and I hope you ultimately found a clearing in the vegetarian jungle where the only law is NOT observed: that of the jungle.


P.S. Each type of non-eating meat diet is much more complex than I sketched and people observing it have manifold and diverse reasons why they don’t eat this or that product. They can range from political, ethical, aesthetic, and environmental to psychological. The article was simplified for the purposes mentioned at the beginning.

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