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About being a student


I’m a student. Neither do I have time, nor money. Every day is so stressful that it’s hard to organize myself. I have to wake up very early, at 10 AM – bugger off early bird, I’ll catch the worm anyway, ‘cause I am BRILLIANT – and suddenly I am confronted with my first challenge: multitasking. How to make coffee, teeth brushing and watching the morning news simultaneously? When I am really on form, I manage to press the “STOP” button of my coffee machine in time – if not, I have to clean a big mess in the kitchen. Some of my species smoke rather a cigarette before going to university, I prefer having breakfast. Home-made strawberry jam with fresh warm whole meal bread or simply cornflakes with milk. Murphy’s law in this case states that the jar of jam has to gush on the light blue Persian carpet. So, cleaning again. I can recommend Vanish by the way. ;-)

flickr: cali.org

Actually, I should have already gone to my lectures but there are some absolutely urgent things to do before!!!! I think I have to watch the news until the very end to be well-informed. What if the apocalypse comes and surprises me? So, I wait for the end, prepare myself mentally for my boring lectures of automation and controlling, and pick up 1.5 liter water bottle. Sounds much, but in fact, drinking is the only way to keep you awake during lectures. Some students are so concerned about maintaining their concentration at the university that they bring along a special isotonic drink. It is very very special, so I won’t be angry if you don’t know it yet. It is called “beer”.

Have you heard of that? You can be sure, in a lecture hall of 400 people (which is usual in my studies of Industrial Engineering at TU Berlin) there will be at least 50 persons stimulating their brain activities with beer.  “At least” includes also lectures at 8 a.m. The other 350 people spend their time surfing on the internet or eating their sandwiches. Good point: Sandwiches. In English it sounds so cool and tasty, in German it is called “Stulle”. Please, do not expect too much of a “Stulle” as it normally consists of two slices of packaged discounter bread with butter, a thick slice of “Wurst” (sausage) or cheese. Students don’t even pretend to eat healthy by putting a lettuce leaf or tomato in between the bread.

Strangely enough, the whole student body seems to meet at 12 p.m. in the canteen to eat some unseasoned noodles. Pro forma, most of them also take a bowl of salad. Do you know the trick to save money for salad? You take a small bowl for 45 cents, fill it with the salad as it becomes a big hill and put the small bowl into a bigger bowl for 90 cent. You have to pay the small one, but after you can refill the salad into the big bowl! Very nice strategy. Other students take Tupperware containers to fill them with food for evening lectures.

After a whole day of studying and sometimes working the side job, you feel very tired. You collect the rest of energy to get a pizza out of the freezer, take it out from the foil (sometimes that is even too much work) and put it in the oven. There is just no time for cooking! You use the 25 minutes until the pizza gets finished for proper education – an old episode of “The Simpsons” – and wait for the pizza to get black.

In fact, I know exactly these situations as I am a student myself. After a long working day you come home and don´t want to spend 10 hours for cooking. I understand you, but to give you some nice input for really easy dishes, look at the following recipes of Kristina and me. Kristina´s series “Student´s humble food” contains more or less called “healthy” but delicious recipes. My recipes are well-known in my NGO “Kulina” where me and some students use to cooking with young people (http://www.kulina-ev.de).
With good mise en place, you can prepare evey dish in less than 15 minutes and with student-friendly prizes!

Maybe some of you guys want to share their own food experiences or cheap and tasty recipes?! Or you found a simple recipe which I shall try out for you?

Don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail:



À la prochaine,


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  2. November 11 2011 // Star

    Great stuff, you hleped me out so much!