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Student’s Humble Food: Bread-o-passata

As Florence already mentioned, being a student is a very specific position: 1. they usually don’t have too many financial resources. 2. and tend not to have too much time and even if they have some spare penny, they usually want to spend it for leading a proverbial “student life”. This very simple and tasty (although, this is debatable) recipe is aimed to inspire you to go beyond the traditional instant noodle soup or pasta with ketchup and some cheese.

Let me first sketch the conditions that I was facing when I was a student. A (dorm) room, a pile of textbooks or a computer, tired eyes, reading, drilling, writing and stretching your brains. All of a sudden you realize it is 7 pm and you haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. You quickly scan mentally through your fridge and realize that the whole elephant could fit in.

What I found was:

stale bread,
a half of passata/canned tomatoes (was lucky it didn’t go bad),
some garlic going dry
a half of onion
olive oil


So, where do we start?

1. First, we try to get some “croutons”. If it is possible, try to cut the bread into dices. If it is too stiff, just tear it – the shape of them won’t be ideal, but who cares when the hunger knocks on your door. : )

2. Go through the garlic and onion first, in case you spot some clear-cut marks of aging, just cut them off and pretend you haven’t seen them. Cut them afterwards. And I mean “cut”, not dice, slice or mince, a proper messing about with your knife is what I am talking about here.

3. Then pour some oil (I have olive oil) onto a pan, throw the onion and garlic in. After they start getting a bit softer, put the “croutons” in. Don’t forget to stir.

4. After you see the “croutons” turned more brown, add passata.

5. Season with salt and pepper.

Enjoy and get back to studying.

You see, you don’t always have to resort to buying ready-made products, be creative and inspire us and the world. What do you “cook” when you study? I always want to hear about ingenious ideas I didn’t come up with. Florence and me will gladly listen to them or even try them out.

florence.k@fellows.dandf.org, kristina.k@fellows.dandf.org

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  1. September 26 2011 // Gregory Otieno


  2. September 26 2011 // laura

    hmmm.. seems delicious :D I’ll try it! thx for sharing

    • September 27 2011 // Kristina

      )) thanks. We are looking forward to the picture of “your” bread-o-passata; )

  3. September 27 2011 // Kai

    Great new Site and the Bread passate looks great. I´ll try it next day.


    • September 27 2011 // Kristina

      Vow, people, you are making me blush:) It is sort of an “emergency” food and I thought, nothing special, thank you for such a positive reception, I didn’t expect it.