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A recipe for mushroom risotto

A rich, creamy risotto is one of those universal favourites, as much a part of a fancy dinner as it is comfort food. And it is also one of the most easily customisable recipes; you can choose the vegetables or meat you want to add depending on the season. It has a reputation as a tricky recipe to pull off, though, primarily on account of the creamy texture that is the essence of a good risotto. And so unfortunately, for many people, risotto is something to be eaten at a restaurant.

But really, all it takes is patience, and a lot of stirring. With this recipe, you can enjoy a good risotto at home. Without breaking into a sweat :-)

PS. Many recipes use meat or veggie stock. This one doesn’t. But trust me, I got it from the super chef Tim Maelzer. And it turns out, well, super.

Your creamy, fabulous risotto. Ready to serve :-)


Arborio rice: 320 gms

Garlic: 4 cloves

Shallots: three small ones, chopped

Mushrooms : diced; quantity is up to you, based on whether you want it mushroomy or not

(you can add a variety of them, the robust Portobellos, the fragile Pfifferlinge sort, or any other variety)

Bay leaves: two

Parsley:  30 gms, chopped

White wine: 125 ml (the juice of one lemon if you don’t want to use alcohol)

Paprika:  to season, depends on how hot you like your food

Cheese: 60  gm, grated

Butter: 20  gms

Olive oil: two tablespoons


In a pot, set about a litre of water to boil. In a separate pan, add olive oil. Then, the garlic and onions. Sweat them till the onions caramelise, but don’t wait till they brown.

Next, add the mushrooms. Sweat them before you pour in the rice. Stir for a couple of minutes.

Add the white wine, and wait till it evaporates.

Then, turn the heat down to a simmer, and add the boiling water (from the pot alongside), ladle by ladle.  Then, begins the real stirring. Keep the ladle moving till the rice begins to acquire the creamy texture you want.

Add the bay leaves, salt, pepper, parsley, paprika and the butter.

Finally, drizzle the cheese on top.

Serve immediately, because risotto can lose that lovely texture quickly.

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