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Vegetable Patties with Dill Sauce

In past weeks, we went to see a kitchen garden project in Pinneberg, Germany, to get more insight into what it means “ecological” farming. After hard work in the field, we came home famishing and of course, we brought a lot of really fresh vegetables, so it would have been a sin not to make something uber-tasty. Although my lust for a vegeburger was hijacked by the shortage of buns, you feel free to conjure up one.








different vegetables – 200 g:
3 bigger carrots
half of a celery
one smaller onion
(but any vegetable can be used)

flour 200 mg
1 egg

fresh parsley

Yoghurt sauce

dried or fresh chilli
black pepper
fresh dill

1. Prepare the vegetables: grate carrots and celery, chop the onion and garlic – put them in a pot and stew them until they are still half-raw. You can put some pulses, like lentils, chickpeas, boil them in a separate saucepan until the water has evaporated. Don’t knock out the veggies completely, as they are going to be processed further.

2. In the meantime, prepare a batter: mix flour, crushed or minced garlic, marjoram, black pepper, salt, a bit of grated nutmeg and parsley (and optionally, one egg) and the half-raw vegetables you have just prepared.

3. Create patties using your hands or a spoon, and fry them in little oil on both sides until they are lightly brown. You can make them thicker (falafel-like) or thinner and flat (1 cm).

4. Mix dried/fresh chilli, black pepper and fresh dill with the yoghurt. Add some salt, if you like.

If you have a bun, make a vegeburger, add the dill sauce and other condiments of your wish, add some fresh tomatoes, lettuce and dive in the ocean of freshness.

The playmobile guys like it, too!


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