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Homemade Pancake Recipe

Everyone loves weekend, when people can gather together with their friends or family, have a relaxing time, quality time.. It’d be better if we have something good to eat, right? So, here I give you one of good home made pancake recipe that I’ve made with my friend :D

What you need (for 5 person) :

300 g all purpose flour

300 ml full cream milk

60 g sugar

5 g baking powder

5 eggs

100 g unsalted butter – melted

Chocolate bar as desire, chop it roughly

Powdered sugar – as desire

Ice cream – as desire


How to make :

1)      Mix flour, sugar, baking powder in one container (flour mix)

2)      Add milk into the flour mix

3)      Separate the egg white and the yolk

4)      Put the yolk into the flour mix, give a good mix

5)      Add melted butter

6)      In separate place, whisk the egg white until it becomes stiff

7)      Add the egg white to the pancake dough, mix it well

8)      Add chopped chocolate

9)      Heat the pan, put a little bit of butter

10)   Pour 1 ladle of the dough into the pan

11)   Wait a moment until you get nice golden brown color

12)   Flip and flip

13)   Put it on a plate,  spread some icing sugar

14)   Add ice cream on top, I’m using tiramisu ice cream

15)   Don’t forget to share with your friend! ;)


Gooooooooooooood luck! :)


This recipe is originally from my friend, Poetry Gladies (@PoetryGladies)

Photo taken by Anangga Gunawan (@angga1402)

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  1. November 29 2011 // koko gondewa

    well, that’s a cool recipe..i’ll try. i now u n gladis can make a lot of delicious foods. LOL

    • November 30 2011 // Vendryana

      thank you and thank youu :)

      • January 19 2012 // Vicki

        Cool! That’s a clveer way of looking at it!