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goodfoodgood is a web portal which provides information about food and ingredients to people around the world. We take the dinner conversation online to share knowledge and inspire others to care about what they eat.

Welcome, Aloha and Bienvenue

Four continents, seven countries, five people, one mission:

We love food. And we love preparing it by ourselves and not by a big mommy called “food industry”.
Remember your childhood, when you were sitting at the table for lunch, well knowing that there must be a bloody veggie inside your meal which your parents tried to smuggle in? Well, we’re older now and proud of not eating good old homecooking (at least not that often).

But, unfortunately, compared to our parents, the food industry doesn’t mean it well when infiltrating our body. Food production has become quite a complex secret and almost every producer has more skeletons in their closet than all the mass graves put together!

Together with Tim Mälzer, by far the coolest TV cook Germany has ever seen, we’re going to take you behind the scenes of a cooking show, step in big packs of shit when visiting the butcher, get up very, very early (probably the hardest challenge) to take you to the fish market and reach our physical limits when becoming vegans or chocoholics.
We are a motley group coming from Czech Republic, Germany, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Slovakia and United States, brought together by the foundation Dekeyser&Friends, with the aim to provide you with a unique insight into the culinary world…

Our mission will not be completed, if you promise never to open a bag of chips.  (I mean, would be nice, but not necessary.)
Our mission won’t even be completed, if you only think about your food behavior.
Our mission will only be completed, if you guys buy a nice apron, move your bum into the kitchen and start experimenting with ingredients! Don’t be shy, even Americans like James are able to do it. Diss no.1. ;-)

You can be sure that during the next months we will work our asses off in order to make you feel comfortable when trying out cooking!
We will provide you with the following to get your culinary creativity stimulated:

  • hot potatoes – controversial issues      
  • tips, tricks to make your kitchen work as easy as pie
  • recipes that make your mouth water
  • big cheeses of the food industry   
  • everything from soup to nuts ...

Rhubarb rhubarb, back to the salt mines!!!


             The cream of the crop. 


Sohini, Kristina, James, Florence, Vendryana

PS:   We’re not going bananas if you don’t agree with our opinion.
Please leave your comment on the wall and tell us if we laid an egg!

PPS: If there is a hot food topic you want to discuss or we should
work on, same here: let us know!


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  1. September 25 2011 // ulfa

    good luck vendry n friend of D n F project,,,, have a great experience

    bangga bisa punya temen kyk vendy heheheh aloha bisa ampe hamburg :)

  2. September 26 2011 // vii

    Kyaa~ I’m soo looking forward to this team’s work :3
    already bookmarked this blog..

  3. September 26 2011 // yuwanda

    good job!!

    • November 8 2011 // Susy

      Yo, that’s what’s up truthfluly.

  4. September 27 2011 // catur dwi putro as (zetsu hyuga)

    like this one……..

    to vendryana : bring your nation fragrant name

    love indonesia :D

  5. September 30 2011 // Marisa

    i love your videos a lot guys, especially the cooking..
    it’s inspired me to cook. good job vendry and friends. love and hugs from Indonesia :D