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Posts by James

Knives, Chef’s Best friends

One of the most common questions I've heard about people in the culinary trade is,"why do chefs carry around that big bag of knives, do they not have any in the restaurant they work at?"Another good one I've heard is,"Why do chefs have to spend so much money on knives?" If you've ever asked these questions to a friend or even yourself, this blog may contain the answers you've been curious about. And yes, some restaurants have knives but usually not the ones needed for the job.
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Banana Bread, from waste to taste

The good thing about this recipe is it calls for over ripened banana, you know the ones you'd usually toss out because they're all brown and spot covered. Utilizing this recipe, you'll have a nice tasty bread that you can eat in the morning when you have little time to cook, plus you'll no longer have to toss away more food which in turn makes you feel horrible every time you see one of those feed a starving child in a third world comercial. More …

Results May Vary

I’ve been in Hamburg Germany for almost two months now, and one of the things I’ve noticed is the difference in coffee. In the U.S. we have what I consider normal coffee, if you don’t know that’s coffee that’s brewed though a filter. Since I’ve been Germany, everywhere I’ve gone to get a cup of coffee serves Americano’s. On the plus side, when I ask for cream they usually give me some steamed milk which basically makes it a weak latte.

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What’s the Difference?

If you are curious on the most common food that comes to mind when Americans are mentioned. This post takes a brief overview on peoples favorite "food on the go". The cheeseburger is available everywhere and I do mean everywhere, from California to Japan and pretty much everywhere in between. It also tends to vary in price and even though it's made cheaper in some places than others, there's a big common question, "what's the difference?"   More …