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Posts by Vendryana

Homemade Pancake Recipe

Everyone loves weekend, when people can gather together with their friends or family, have a relaxing time, quality time.. It’d be better if we have something good to eat, right? So, here I give you one of good home made pancake recipe that I’ve made with my friend :D More …

Flowers to Eat, Why Not?

Flowers, most girls love flower, including me. Flowers embody something about romance, love, sweetness, and care. Most of my stuff has flowery pattern (too much information, huh?) But, do you know that there are edible flowers in some areas? A few weeks ago, we went to a farm in Pinneberg, Germany. And I came accross to these bright, cheerful flowers called Kapuziner. They were yellow and red and successfully stole my attention. Later, I found out that kapuziner is an edible flower! I was quite surprised by the taste, it is sweet at the beginning and… spicy at the end! Interesting, huh? That’s made me curious to know more about this flower. More …

Indonesian Bread

It’s funny when my European friend said that not all the breads are called “bread”. For her, the sweet bread is NOT bread, it’s a cake. Back home in Indonesia, we use the word “bread” to all types of bread, it’s a universal word. No matter if it’s savory or even sweet. Bread is not our main food, we eat rice a lot rather than bread. Some Indonesian people (mostly for those who live in poverty) think that bread is an expensive food that they can’t afford to buy. More …

Hi Honey! *wink*

(I was sitting in the park when I overheard this conversation.)

Woman : Honey, would you please buy me a cup of coffee?

Man       : Sure, wait a moment.

From that short conversation, I was thinking, why do people call their girlfriend or boyfriend or someone they love “honey”? Who’s honey? What makes honey so special? More …