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goodfoodgood is a web portal which provides information about food and ingredients to people around the world. We take the dinner conversation online to share knowledge and inspire others to care about what they eat.


How to make…Focaccia bread

“Learning by doing” are THE key words describing my first focaccia bread baking incident. We were shooting James’ lamb sandwich video when he mentioned by the way: “Oh, I need focaccia bread.”. Not that you cannot get any bread called “focaccia” in German supermarkets, but is this perfectly squarish industrial product a real focaccia? More …

Student’s Humble Food: Bread-o-passata

As Florence already mentioned, being a student is a very specific position: 1. they usually don't have too many financial resources. 2. and tend not to have too much time and even if they have some spare penny, they usually want to spend it for leading a proverbial "student life". This very simple and tasty (although, this is debatable) recipe is aimed to inspire you to go beyond the traditional instant noodle soup or pasta with ketchup and some cheese. More …