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culinary school

Knives, Chef’s Best friends

One of the most common questions I've heard about people in the culinary trade is,"why do chefs carry around that big bag of knives, do they not have any in the restaurant they work at?"Another good one I've heard is,"Why do chefs have to spend so much money on knives?" If you've ever asked these questions to a friend or even yourself, this blog may contain the answers you've been curious about. And yes, some restaurants have knives but usually not the ones needed for the job.
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The girls in the kitchen

In an Xl-sized kitchen of much clatter and laughter, two striking women stand out. I meet Constanze Fürst and Franziska Maderecker during my fascinating week inside the kitchen of a roaringly popular restaurant in Hamburg. Striking not just for their beauty, but also for the fact that they are the only two women in a kitchen staff of 15. This, I am told without any discomfiture, is the industry average, possibly even better than the average. It always is an unreasonably unbalanced ratio between women and men.  More …