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goodfoodgood is a web portal which provides information about food and ingredients to people around the world. We take the dinner conversation online to share knowledge and inspire others to care about what they eat.


Getting young people into the kitchen…experiences from Berlin

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present today's news: young people are becoming fat and stupid because of bad food. More …

Flying Pasta

Fresh in the trash

I throw away 90 kg of food, whereas James scrapes 110 kg, Vendryana 15 kg and Sohini 80 kg - each year. We four people waste in total almost 300 kg a year. Although this is a continental average per person, you can imagine that there are 7 billion other people with a similar amount of waste. More …

How to make…Focaccia bread

“Learning by doing” are THE key words describing my first focaccia bread baking incident. We were shooting James’ lamb sandwich video when he mentioned by the way: “Oh, I need focaccia bread.”. Not that you cannot get any bread called “focaccia” in German supermarkets, but is this perfectly squarish industrial product a real focaccia? More …