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goodfoodgood is a web portal which provides information about food and ingredients to people around the world. We take the dinner conversation online to share knowledge and inspire others to care about what they eat.


Vegetables and Fruits at Night

It is 1 hour past midnight, and I am mounting my bike to head off to the area of 283 ha vegetable and fruit wholesale market Grossmarkthalle in Hamburg. The warehouse of Marker Obst und Gemüse, one of the larger vegetable and fruit supplying company, is the place where I was staying nights, actually early mornings. A cold night, a general absence of passers-by and enfolding silence was in a direct opposition with the buzzing world of the warehouse, once I entered. Generally speaking, people working in the warehouse do not need to travel (as the whole world meets there) and kilometres in workers' legs for one night can be a substitute for sports. Yet, a recreation centre is hardly a name you would use when working here. More …

Vegetable Patties with Dill Sauce

In past weeks, we went to see a kitchen garden project in Pinneberg, Germany, to get more insight into what it means "ecological" farming. After hard work in the field, we came home famishing and of course, we brought a lot of really fresh vegetables, so it would have been a sin not to make something uber-tasty. Although my lust for a vegeburger was hijacked by the shortage of buns, you feel free to conjure up one. More …

The difficulty of food photography

The secret of ice-cream is potatoes. At least, that’s how the story goes. That it is potatoes that makes the stuff look so delectable on glossy advertising images and lustrous food magazine spreads. Potatoes are painted, moulded in the form of scoops, and grazed with a knife to give off those marvellous wrinkles that we associate with perfectly-made ice cream. Real ice cream melts too quickly for the cameras to take the extreme, meticulous close-ups that are required in food photography. More …