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goodfoodgood is a web portal which provides information about food and ingredients to people around the world. We take the dinner conversation online to share knowledge and inspire others to care about what they eat.

Meet the fellows

Vendryana Ayu Larasati

Country: Indonesia
Age: 21

My Inspiration:
I love to eat and I am really passionate about food and children. I want to provide food safety training for children and educate people about healthy eating to improve the situation in my country.

Florence Klement

Country: Germany
Age: 20

My Inspiration:
I am inspired by problems and needs, as strange as it sounds. I think if everything in the world would be fine, you had no stimulation to change something. Most inspiring are problems, which catch your passion, your heart.

James Wells

Country: USA
Age: 20

My Inspiration:
My main inspiration comes from my friends and I love to cook a good meal for them. I hope to open my own café or restaurant where people of my community can get a healthy, inexpensive meal.

Kristina Karabova

Country: Slovakia
Age: 26

My Inspiration:
What inspires me is living everyday ordinary life in its extraordinariness. I’m also inspired by people and encounters. This is why I love languages, as they are so closely connected to different cultures. Eating good food would never be complete without somebody to share it with.

Sohini Chattopadhyay

Country: India
Age: 28

My Inspiration:
I`m inspired by stories of struggle and courage. And poetry. I love to eat. I love to read about food, to touch it, buy it, hold it up to the light, weave narratives around it. Food is what can make every day that much happier and joyous.