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goodfoodgood is a web portal which provides information about food and ingredients to people around the world. We take the dinner conversation online to share knowledge and inspire others to care about what they eat.


Getting young people into the kitchen…experiences from Berlin

Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present today's news: young people are becoming fat and stupid because of bad food. More …

GoodFoodGood.com has been nominated!

We are proud to announce that GoodFoodGood TV has been nominated for the top 8 applications (out of 78) for the German IPTV Award 2011. The categories are "innovative design" and "innovative format". You can find more information about the award at http://www.diptv.org/. The award ceremony will be on the 14th of December 2012. We will keep you up to date! Stay tuned. More …

The Indefinable Charm of Kitchen Gardens

Less than an hour’s drive from Hamburg, the red-brick apartment houses give way to American style suburbia: sloping roofed houses with a patch of green in front, and sometimes even a picket fence. A supermarket every few houses completed the image. Pinneberg is the classic American dream landscape. But a couple of sharp turns, and we were in another century, in the England of the Pride and Prejudice films. At least, that’s how it looked to my big city-bred eyes. Green, green land till as far as the eye could see on either side of the narrow motorway, a fresh, cool silence, a humming breeze and a couple of people riding by on tall, stately horses. More …

Our Daily

East is east, but west is yeast.
Salman Rushdie
Water and bread only are two essential things that a human can survive on for a long time. Whereas fresh drinkable water remains the same everywhere (with slight differences, naturally), it is stunning how many variations bread can take on around the world. Moving conceptually across countries and continents, ingredients are added or subtracted and the most blatant one is perhaps yeast or other leavening agents. More …